President of Cameroon Paul BIYA has become rich committing fraud collecting money from various sources from USA citizens offering to ship African parrots which never comes.

Paul Biya has robbed me for $15,000.

My name is Ted Habib -, Any one call me at 312 523 5391 for more information.
Mr Nicholas told me that Mr. Paul Biya has been doing this for a long time and has made several thousand dollars to a million dollars. Mr Paul Biya also uses following person to get money from USA citizen.
Mr Paul Biya
  • Surname: Formine Fonkeng
  • Given name: Nicholas
  • Country: Cameroon
  • City: Douala
  • Zip code: 237
Youbi Ronick Tandife
  • Bank Name: UBA Cameroon
  • Account Number: 4187 6214 0090 6525
  • Card Name: Nkasse Alain Giresse
  • Card ID : 0001158520
  • Card Type: visa prepayed
  • Post Code: 00237
Paul Biya has people in Dubai who receives money on behalf of him and send him the money
Mr.Mbuka Steaqven Jerald an adult male Cameroonian aged 43 years , holder of national identity card number 112935472 issued in Younde on 25/11/2011. Mr Bar Firbi Colines and Bar. Nje Martin has under oath made a statement that Paul Biya gets 90% of money through the fraud of selling African parrots which are never sold and gives 10% to his accomplish
Basil mediki tangha
  • Country : UAE
  • City : Dubai
  • Zipcode: +971
Doret Esele
  • Country : UAE
  • City : Dubai
  • Zipcode: +971